North and South: Current Read

by katiecrayon

So I’m currently reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and I just wanted to communicate a few thoughts on it so far.
This is one of the first ‘romantics’ I’ve really read, and to be brutal, I’m surprised that I enjoy it, on the whole I find very delicate writing styles to be somewhat irritating, but Gaskell manages to integrate relevant historical and social contexts in order to give it a bit of oomph! 
I’m finding the way she creates Margaret to be a joy to read as the sense of dramatic irony you get whilst reading even from her perspective gives me physical excitement whilst I’m reading, I find myself yelling ‘no, what are you doing, you love him, you just don’t know it yet!’
Overall, this read is proving to be very exciting, though I admit that it takes a certain amount of awareness and prior knowledge about the situation in the early 1800’s to understand what can be a very complicated write to get your head into.
I can’t wait to see how this turns out!